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bought this leotard in both black and white from american apparel. for girls with no boobs like me they are amazing! i would defo try and purchase if i was you. great summer throw on

top- topshop

skirt- zara

necklace- topshop

glasses- rayban

hat- topshop

shoes- allsaints

try mixing bright colour with pain block colours


Anonymous asked: What do you think of plain black JC Litas?



Anonymous asked: What is your fav nail varnish colour?



Anonymous asked: What do you think of the alexander McQueen scarfs?

they were nice… until EVERYONE bought them. they’re so chavy now in my opinion


Anonymous asked: love how you have changed you blog! what do you thank you your Alexander Wang bag ? I'm thinking you getting one but not sure if its worth it

its amazing seriously. i’m so happy with it


The perfect s/s shoe!

Laminated Heel Sandal - Zara - £49.99

They are beautiful, the colour and design are the absolute essence of what SS12 is about. Get them while you can!

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prom dresses

i unfortunately do not get a prom, but i have taken a look around at some dresses i would buy if i did get a prom. this is for the girl who needed help!

of course my first choice would be acne. the Marnay Crinkle in blush is amazing, It fits in perfectly with the approaching pastel trend and you could accessorize it with some bracelets and a necklace, or long earrings. 

next is a bit of a random one, but i saw a girl in it last year at a different prom and she looked AMAZING. 

the thing i love about these two is that they both stray away from the horrible bright satin dresses which most girls go for. this dress speaks for it’s self, but you may not want to wear black. this dress is my fav so far, i sell it at work and i have tried it on. it literally makes you look amazing- go for this! if you want more colour, this one is also amazing i have wanted this dress for a while. this would also be perfect!


Anonymous asked: afordable thing you like on the high street atm?

blue cos cotton shorts, £45


Anonymous asked: I'm after some faded/acid wash, vintage-looking denim shorts, kinda scruffy but not... it's so hard to describe what I'm after but I hope you get the idea! anyway, looked everywhere and can't seem to find any- don't suppose you could help, please? a fairly reasonable price would be nice! and nothing with too much detailing eg. studs. thanks a million!


Anonymous asked: I've got a family wedding in December and a budget of about £45 for a new dress- please help!


Anonymous asked: mid calf high boots you can wear with jeans and dresses?


Anonymous asked: A leather jacket £100-£180? on sale!