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Anonymous asked: what tattoo are you getting?

i’m getting something on the back of my neck, not sure what


Anonymous asked: how many hours do you work?

at least 7.5 a week


Anonymous asked: Do you work as a personal shopper in selfridges? Can people ask for you personally?

i work for acne


Anonymous asked: I,G

straight, yes only ears pierced- getting a tattoo though


Anonymous asked: B,H,S,T

ooooh, i don’t really have any fav bands, but i love wiz khalifa, chris brown, nicki minaj, jay z, lil wayne, kanye west, beyonce, rihanna you know tha dealllll

yes i do

i am going to the acne fashion snow next sunday, yeh bitch



Anonymous asked: L, P, S

i’ve done l&s a couple of times

because it’s full of wanna b’s, bitches, immature people and just all round annoying people


Anonymous asked: A!

not being able to live my life, FUCK COLLEGE


Anonymous asked: Q x

totally single, not even seeing anyone. sucks man


Anonymous asked: V and s !

oooooh, probs to my dad because i felt so ill haha

i used to have a lispĀ 


Anonymous asked: A, e, l, s

How annoying some people are, get a life.

not being successful

i am 5ft 5”


Anonymous asked: D,j,m and n

London clearly, just one of the huge ass houses,

Fashion Journalist

Not answering any M’s soz

ACNE duh


please this one actually looks alright

  • A: Something I am sad about.
  • B: Favorite band.
  • C: Who I like and why I like them.
  • D: Dream house/place to live and why.
  • E: Post a photo of yourself right now.
  • F: My favorite movie.
  • G: Sexual orientation.
  • H: Do I smoke/drink?
  • I: Have any tattoos or piercings?
  • J: What I want to be when I get older.
  • K: Relationship with my parents.
  • L: One of my insecurities.
  • M: Virgin or not?
  • N: Favorite place to shop at?
  • O: My eye color.
  • P: Why I hate school.
  • Q: Relationship status as of right now.
  • R: Favorite song at the moment.
  • S: A random fact about myself.
  • T: Age I get mistaken for.
  • U: Where I want to be right now.
  • V: Last time I cried.
  • W: Concerts I’ve been to.
  • X: What would you do if (…)?
  • Y: Do you want to go to college.
  • Z: How are you?

Anonymous asked: im loving the way you're running your blog now!

thankyou! it’s certainly improved!


Anonymous asked: you and your blog are fabulous!